Robert was born in October 10, 1977 and grew up in Småland in the picturesque countryside outside Markaryd (Sweden), where he is still living.

It was at Queen Silvia's 50th birthday in 1993 when Robert for the first time heard the sound of the classical guitar. It was the sound of that guitar that carried such a feeling and warmth that enraptured and engulfed Robert which resulted in him starting to play. He went out on a mission to learn the music he had heard and been so fascinated by.

His first contact was with the debtor guitarist Göran Söllscher who later became his teacher. Robert soon realized that he needed a good instrument and bought himself a Ramirez guitar from 1977.

His passion for music grew while studied at various schools. His first head teacher was Kjell Klaesson at the music college in Ljungby. He also took some lessons from Magnus Carlsson and Rick St. George at the local music school in Markaryd. Then he went on the Sundsgårdens folkhögskola (Sundsgårdens College) in Helsingborg where Torvald Nilsson was the guitar teacher.

During 1999-2003 he studied guitar at Örebro University under Peter Berlinda Carlsson and Peder Riis.

Besides studying guitar, he also studied composition and pedagogy.

During 2003-2006 he studied classical guitar at the Malmö Academy of Music under Göran Söllscher and Gunnar Spjuth.

Robert has also taken master classes for Marco Socias, Ana Vidovic, Eleftheria Kotzia, Mats Bergström, Per-Olof Jonson, Sven Lundestad, Oscar Ghiglia and Wolfgang Lendl.

Upon completion of degree 2006, Robert received a soloistprize at an international convention in Malmö, the peice he played was in memory of Per-Olof Johnson. That same year he was awarded the years cultural prize of KCM.

Robert Karlsson has appeared on radio and television.

He has also given concerts in exotic places like the Arabian Peninsula and has played and performed throughout Europe and the United States as both soloist and chamber musician.

linje Robert Karlsson

"Robert possesses an amazing skill
with a tone exceeding the usual"

Swedish Guitar and Lute Society


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