Norra Skåne:
"Several hurried forward to check if Robert’s right hand possibly had more then five fingers"

Oman Observer:
"Playing with fluidity and seamless dexterity, it was as if Robert Karlsson know how to blend the unheard voices of the wind with the tones of his guitar."

Swedish Guitar and Lute Society:
"Robert possesses an amazing skill with a tone exceeding the usual"

"When Robert Karlsson plays, his fingers dance over the guitar. It is beautiful, invigorating and soothing. One wants to hear more, that’s just the way it is."

Oman Observer:
"… played as if to articulate the quiet magic of the night"

"…each tone where exactly on the right place"

Professor Göran Söllscher and Gunnar Spjuth
Academy of Music in Malmö:

"Robert has an exeptional musical talent and his guitar performance is marked by creativity and a very high quality. He makes music with a convincing radiance and owns a self-evident artistry in front of an audience, whitch provides great possibilities for continued development.
Robert Karlsson



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